"I live here in assisted care housing. The nurses are interested in getting to know me. They ask how I am and what I want to do today. Fortunately, there are all kinds of things to do. I like the outdoors, and enjoy the company of others and listening to my favorite music. And if I do not feel like doing anything, then I'm on my own in my own home. I listen to myself, and my wishes come true.

GeriLife helps me see for myself what activities I have done. It's good to be here."


Happy Grandparents

"I know that the staff treat my loved one as an individual at the care facility. The caregivers know what my loved one likes and dislikes, and I can count on people-centered care.

I can also keep track of my loved one's daily life with GeriLife, so I see that they can live meaningful life on their terms."


"We know what our residents like and what makes them happy.  By getting to know and meeting the resident individually, we understand what makes their life meaningful.


Every day with GeriLife, we make sure that all our residents receive enough attention and can live their own lives. Fast and easy-to-use mobile service saves time and allows us to focus on customer well-being."


"Knowledge management is the cornerstone of our operations. With GeriLife, we can monitor in real-time how the good lives of our residents are taken into account and implemented in our units. 

Real-time visual reporting shows how we fulfill service expectations and promises.At the same time, the development priorities will become visible."