GeriLife is two solutions in the same package. GeriLife is a wellbeing instrument to promote customer`s good life and service capability instrument to highlight service providers' ability to deliver on service promises.


Elderly services provide daily activities, such as outdoor activities, listening to music, or other meaningful activities to maintain and promote the wellbeing and quality of life of our elders.

Staff, relatives, and volunteers continue to do vital work to improve the wellbeing of older people, but the activity done is challenging to make visible. There is a lack of up-to-date, aggregated information about the service provider´s ability to fulfil service promises. Equal consideration of customers is challenging.

GeriLife brings real-time visibility into the care of older    people´s lives when they have been outside, listening to music or just doing enjoyable things that they like.

GeriLife provides continuous information on the service providers´ ability to meet service promises related to participation and stimulating action (e.g. self-monitoring plan, individual service and care plan, and the law in Finland 14 § (Act on supporting the functional capacity of the older population and on social and health services for persons). Real-time information is accessible to customers, staff, loved ones, and management.